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Hi All,

I'm new in the NDN. In the website (named-data.net<http://named-data.net/>) I found the library of the NDN and the simulator (ndnSIM). However, I'm willing to build the testbed of the NDN to get the understanding how the NDN works. Is there any reference or tutorial or link about how to build the NDN testbed? for example, using some ubuntu-based virtual machine on top of VirtualBox. I'm googling the reference and explore the NDN website but did not find anything. So any guidance would be helpful.

Thank you very much,

I believe such a guide is still in the development process.
besides simulator, there is also an NDN emulator (miniNDN).
there may be some stuff already available, nfd-dev should be a more appropriate list for such questions, so I forwarded your msg there.

Yes, he can use mini-NDN for this purpose (https://github.com/named-data/mini-ndn).  We already have the testbed as a sample topology.  There is some documentation for running Mini-NDN in the package and also a mailing list (http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/mailman/listinfo/mini-ndn).


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