[Ndn-interest] Topology in mini-NDN library

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Tue May 16 08:15:58 PDT 2017

No, if you modify the minindn.conf file the change will not be reflected in minindnedit.

But you can simply run:

sudo minindn minindn.conf

and minindn will start with the modified topology.


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I have created one sample in minindnedit with 5 hosts and links among them. Now, sample.mnndn has been created and due to the default topology configuration, I can see the FIB status of each node running the simple commands. Now, if I will modify the minindn.conf file, does the change will be reflected in the minindnedit? If I want to change the simple (mesh) network to a 3 x 3 grid topology, does it work?

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Tanusree Chatterjee

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You can create any topology you want.

Take a look at https://github.com/named-data/mini-ndn/tree/master/ndn_utils/topologies

for examples.

Mini-CCNx had scripts to generate the topologies such as mesh, here:


(You might have to modify them a little to get into the Mini-NDN topology file format.

The topology files between Mini-CCNx and Mini-NDN should be very similar as Mini-NDN was a fork of Mini-CCNx).

Topology file can also be generated via the GUI:

sudo minindnedit


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Hi All,

What network topology is being used in Mini-NDN library? As mostly mesh is used in today's Internet and in different NDN testbeds also, can I incorporate any specific mesh topology of my own there? If I want to incorporate any other topology in mini-NDN library, how can I do that?

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Tanusree Chatterjee

Tanusree Chatterjee

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