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Thu May 11 21:19:59 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Talking about the in-network caching for dynamic-content on ICN, I have the following miss-understanding:
• Let’s take a scenario when two end-users want to access to the same website (e.g. Facebook), they requested facebook.com/home, well the name appears the same for both users, however, the content of each request is not the same. How does ICN work with this situation, because caching such content is not useful at all (even if the same user requests the same content name, the content will be different)? Does in-network caching have no benefits with dynamic content? Also, how does the content delivery process in this situation (because Interest/Data packets have not the requester name), how ICN nodes distinguish between the two (N) requesters?
• Another question arises, requesting a video from Youtube for example (the video can be cached on any node), however, the real process is that the Youtube page associated with such video has some dynamic content such as Recommended Videos… Also, the video itself has many ads that appear on the video and they are different from user to another, and cannot be cached, and they are the main business method for the company. How can ICN treat the business model for such situation, as any company will not migrate to ICN if ICN can not ensure a business achievement?

Best regards,

Boubakr Nour (Ph.D Candidate)
Beijing Institute of Technology (北京理工大学)
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