[Ndn-interest] Cisco CCN and NDN

César A. Bernardini mesarpe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 06:11:48 PDT 2017

Hi David,

I cannot answer your question #1.

For the question #2, the normal approach is to simply install the daemon
ndnd if you are using NDN, or the Athena forwarder if you are using CCNx.
As Cisco bought from PARC the CCNx implementation, I guess for Cisco it is
the same. With ndnd or Athena Forwarder, you can simply start playing with
a simple node. I strongly suggest you to install it in a VM and then
replicate to create a network. Once you are an expert, you can search how
to integrate your NDN/CCN network to the NDN Infrastructure. However, as it
is an experimental configuration, I'd suggest you to stay with your VMs.


2017-03-20 7:20 GMT+01:00 David Cittadini <david.cittadini at icloud.com>:

> I have a few “beginner” questions:
> 1.      How does the new Cisco CCN announcement affect the work being done
> on the NDN.
> 2.      Is there a way for end-user application developers to simply
> test/try the NDN or does one have to setup a complete NDN system and
> formally join the “testbed”.  I am looking for a way to focus on the
> high-level application side without having to master/deploy the complete
> NDN infrastructure.
> Thanks :)
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