[Ndn-interest] A Pile of Newbie Questions

cds at corbinsimpson.com cds at corbinsimpson.com
Mon Jun 26 17:35:35 PDT 2017

Hi! I just built and ran nfd for the first time, and everything
appears to work. I have a few questions.

* I ran ndn-autoconfig and I appear to have connected to
udp://spurs.cs.ucla.edu. I hope that's okay! What's the etiquette like
for that? Is there a namespace standard I should follow?
* I gather that my local nfd's connection to the above-mentioned UCLA
server is one-way, and that makes sense. What kind of federation
opportunities exist if I were to have a bunch of private forwarders
and nodes? Is everybody right now part of the testbed?
* If I were to store non-trivially-sized objects (>1GiB) as named
data, would I be using repo-ng?
* I notice that there's some traffic and health monitoring for the
testbed. Is there documentation on the design of that monitoring? I'm
curious how I would adapt that to monitor NDN nodes in The Cloud.
* A la IPFS, is there a way to keep certain data available in the
network besides owning a node with a durable copy of the data or
paying somebody to pin it to their node?
* A la Tahoe-LAFS, how would I create a name for some data which is
both necessary and sufficient to access that data? I suspect that the
traditional answer of putting the data in a cryptographic box and
putting the box in NDN, and then pairing *that* name with the
cryptographic secret key, is the right answer, but I'd love to know
NDN-specific information.

Thank you for your hard work; this seems like the best of the
named-data efforts!
~ C.

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