[Ndn-interest] Inquiries regarding NDN testbed from UUM, Malaysia

Athirah Rosli athirah.rosli58 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 23:57:33 PDT 2017


I’m Athirah, research officer from University Utara Malaysia (UUM),
Malaysia. We are planning to set up NDN testbed here in UUM. However, there
are several inquiries regarding the policy.

Firstly, we wanted to do some testing on the network and need to do several
adjustment on the router. We also need to apply algorithm to other
participating institution in the testbed. Is there any procedure and
regulation that we need to comply with?

Secondly, for every experiment and testing that we want to do in the
testbed, do we need to request permission from the management institution?

We appreciate your response about this matter. Thank you.

*Athirah Rosli*
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