[Ndn-interest] Prefix registration in wireless

Lixia Zhang lixia at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Jul 24 15:41:32 PDT 2017

> On Jul 24, 2017, at 3:32 PM, Adhy Satya <adhysatya820 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Professor Zhang,
> Thank you for your answer.
> Could you share more details about the geo-location based rooftop mesh network?

that work is still in early stage, so there is no writeup yet.
at conceptual level it is close to the design described in an early paper:
"Rapid Traffic Information Dissemination Using Named Data"

BTW I got the answer to your earlier question:

> Until now I couldn't find an answer for this question. I understand that NFD was developed for wired scenarios, but can be also used in the wireless scenario by allowing outgoing packets on the incoming faces.

the answer is yes: NFD allows an interest to come in/out the same face, if that face is configured ad hoc type.


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