[Ndn-interest] [Mini-NDN] Re-installation of MiniNDN after project recovers from broken state

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Tue Jul 18 09:34:22 PDT 2017

Either way is fine and will overwrite (unless you installed from PPA i.e. apt-get).

If sudo ./install.sh -mfrti complains about folders already existing - delete those folders and then run the command again.

If you do it manually just make sure to use the specific commits as shown in install.sh (search for git checkout) for ndn-cxx and NFD.


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So,if I use sudo ./install.sh -mfrti it should overwrite all ndn-cxx, NFD, ChronoSync,NLSR, and ndn-tools as well? Or I should start the steps from the scratch which automatically overwrites them one by one?

Thanks & Regards,

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If you install mini-ndn again it should overwrite the existing files. (sudo ./install.sh -i).

Please checkout the specific commits to compile NLSR successfully as shown in the install.sh file:


Or use sudo ./install.sh -mfrti which will install ndn-cxx, NFD, ChronoSync,NLSR, and ndn-tools.


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Subject: [Mini-NDN] Re-installation of MiniNDN after project recovers from broken state

Hi all,

Please tell me how can I completely uninstall minindn from my machine for fresh installation?
Though previously ChronoSync was not building as well as the NLSR as the project was broken. Is the same is up now? Can it be re installed successfully now?

-- Thanks & Regards,
Tanusree Chatterjee

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