[Ndn-interest] How to set up an NDN testbed

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Sat Jul 8 12:32:46 PDT 2017

Hi! Per the testbed rules, it sounds like folks are encouraged to set
up their own testbeds. Therefore, I was hoping that there might be
documentation on how to do it.

If there isn't, then I have a few questions:

* What was in $(man ndn-validator.conf)? It's mentioned in the NFD
configuration but I can't find that manpage in NFD nor ndn-cxx.
* How should I establish a trust anchor, in terms of key management?
What does key rotation look like?
* How local is localhop? In terms of topology, I gather that localhop
is a neighborhood of the node, but I don't get exactly how big that
should be. Should it be per-datacenter, per-country, or literally just
the star of all reachable routers?
* Obviously hub/backbone routers shouldn't form too-heavily-connected
graphs. How practical is automatic RIB management for backbone layout?
Should I hand-craft the RIBs for each backbone server instead? (Pardon
the puns!)
* Where is $(ndnsec cert-install) putting certs? Are they going into
the local NFD's CS, or are they on-disk somewhere? For configuration
management purposes, it'd be nice to understand that better.
* How does priv-drop on NFD work? The comment in the sample
configuration is confusing. Does NFD re-assume root as needed somehow?
I figure that NFD can run as user 100% of the time if I'm only asking
it to listen on the local UNIX socket and high-port-numbered UDP/TCP,

~ C.

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