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Marzieh Babaeianjelodar babaeim at clarkson.EDU
Mon Feb 27 18:22:01 PST 2017

Thanks it was very helpful.

I have another question. What if we change the file and update it and we want to retrieve the old file with an older version? Can we just run the command with the version name?

> On Feb 27, 2017, at 8:13 PM, Nick Briggs <nicholas.h.briggs at gmail.com> wrote:
> Run "ndncatchunks -h" for the help text... most of the tools have -h or --help options.
> From the help for ndncatchunks --
> 	"-d" does version discovery and takes argument "fixed" or "iterative".
> 	"-v" turns on verbose output but doesn't affect the NDN packets sent vs. not having "-v".
> Each time  you publish data with ndnputchunks it will create a new version -- the new version number is what gets printed with the "-p" option.  The individual packets that compose what you think of as a "file" are going to be named as (using your example below)
> 	/localhost/demo/gpl3/<version#>/<chunk #>
> where the version and chunk components are binary coded (plus a leading marker) representations of the values.
> Look at the documentation (or look at the source for the command line parsing...) for how to turn on packet logging for the NDN forwarding daemon -- then you can see exactly what's going on at the packet level when you run ndnputchunks/ndncatchunks (or any other NDN command that's talking to the forwarding daemon)
> -- Nick Briggs
>> On Feb 27, 2017, at 4:55 PM, Marzieh Babaeianjelodar <babaeim at clarkson.EDU <mailto:babaeim at clarkson.edu>> wrote:
>> What is the difference between these two commands:
>> ndncatchunks -d iterative ndn:/localhost/demo/gpl3
>> ndncatchunks -v ndn:/localhost/demo/gpl3
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