[Ndn-interest] Design choice: naming scheme or packet payload?

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Fri Feb 24 13:14:59 PST 2017

Hi all,
Thanks for accepting my request.

I am working on a NDN forwarding strategy and consumer/producer applications on ndnSIM. Assuming that there are multiple paths from the consumer to a data source, the goal is to improve data delivery based on cross-layer information from the network, so the consumer can select the best face to send the following Interest packets based on number of hops, node ID, throughput, round-trip delay, and geographical location.

I see two possible ways to implement that:
1. Insert the cross layer information direct in the packet payload
    Every node along the path would have to update the packet payload or meta data accordingly, and the producer would insert its coordinates.    The consumer can then select which face to send the following Interests based on throughput, or distance to content source, or path with less hops, etc.    Since the NDN architecture doesn't allow the payload to be modified, intermediate nodes would have to create a copy of the packets. Can I use MetaInfo field? 

2. Design a naming scheme (more common in the literature)
    Use a naming scheme to accomodate that. For instance the Interest packet would be /<desired_content>/<hop_count>/<+node_id> and the data packet would be something like /<content>/<hop_count>/<lat_long>/<node_id1 + node_id2 + ... + node_idN>, where node_id1-N refers to the nodes along the path.

Are the two implementations feasible? Could you comment on the recommended way to use information from the network in the forwarding decision?
Thank you!
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