[Ndn-interest] Questions about ndn porting to golang

Lei Pi (lpi) lpi at memphis.edu
Wed Feb 22 20:02:48 PST 2017

Hi everyone,

While thinking about proposals for the coming NDN Hackathon, I’m curious about the possibilities to write NDN applications in golang.

There is a go-ndn project on github [1], which seems to be re-implementing ndn in golang. But it is not officially supported or maintained.

Another option for using ndn in golang is to link the binary with the libndncxx / libndncpp library. [2][3][4]

Does anyone already have experience in using SWIG to link golang programs with libndncxx or libndncpp?

[1] https://github.com/go-ndn/ndn
[2] https://golang.org/doc/faq#Do_Go_programs_link_with_Cpp_programs
[3] https://golang.org/cmd/cgo/
[4] http://www.swig.org/Doc3.0/Go.html

Thank you.
Lei Pi
University of Memphis
Masters Student in Computer Science

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