[Ndn-interest] NFD

Giuseppe Carella gcarella228 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 03:25:37 PST 2017

Good morning community,

I launched NFD and I'm exchanging interest/data packets between a consumer
and a producer. Can you explain what is this trace? I searched into the
documentation, but I found nothing

1514286099.393059 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] adjustCapacity DOWN capacity=8
1514286099.929511 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] mark nMarks=9
1514286101.129602 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] mark nMarks=10
1514286102.329710 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] mark nMarks=11
1514286103.529813 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] mark nMarks=12
1514286104.729929 TRACE: [DeadNonceList] mark nMarks=13

Thank you.
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