[Ndn-interest] nfd_content_store

Giuseppe Carella gcarella228 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 05:19:18 PST 2017

Good morning community,

I am trying to understand how the content store works on the NFD side.
I understood that it has a limitation in the number of data packets you can
In the file nfd.conf there's the variable cs_max_packets=65536.
The default setting is a problem for me, because in my demo I send
thousands of interest packets in a few time and it happens that some data
packets are broken.
Using ndndump I have the following situation:

1513940091.978947 From: ProducerIP, To: ConsumerIP, Tunnel Type: UDP,

I think it's caused by the huge number of requests the NFD receives.

I could avoid this situation setting cs_max_packets=0 (which means disable
the content store, right?), but what I want to do is to store the data
packets for a few time and after that delete them to give space to the
other packets.
Is it possible doing that, maybe setting some option into the interest

Thank you.
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