[Ndn-interest] PSA: The NDN Contributing Guide

Nicholas Gordon nmgordon at memphis.edu
Mon Dec 18 11:36:55 PST 2017

Hello NDN Community,

We have recently produced a guide to all the ins-and-outs of the NDN software system and the procedures you need to know in order to contribute to the community and to avoid confusion and frustration, too.

What this guide describes is: how our code quality systems work, such as code review, continuous integration, and repositories. It also explains where to find style guides, how to design and write tests, and how to use important resources like waf and git. Our experiences at the most recent NDN Retreat at UCLA have indicated that the guide is very helpful if you know about it.

Additionally, we consider this guide to be a living document; if you read and follow it, and then after the fact feel we have made some mistake or could word something better, we really would like if you would tell us. There's emails mentioned at the top of the guide that you should forward to. Or you could send those concerns to me, if this is how you find out about it.

The guide currently exists as a Markdown file that lives in the NFD repository:


However, we are in the process of linking to it on many different places in the NDN community, in hopes of improving its visibility.


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