[Ndn-interest] Is there multithreading in NDN/

lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn lxzhao at njnet.edu.cn
Wed Dec 6 00:33:18 PST 2017

  I want to realize both Consumer(send Interests periodically) and
Producer(reply a Data whenever receiving an Interest) in only one node.
  I had intended to use the multithreading mechaism in C++ and create two
thread,one for Consumer and the other for Producer.But someone told me
that there are built-in multithreading mechaism in the underlying
libraries of NDN,like in CCNx,using the "Face::processEvents( )" of
ndn-cxx.But I think it is just a function to call corresponding
callbacks when receiving a Data,an Interest,Nack or other data.
  I had read the document of ndn-cxx and cannot find information about
  So whether there are in-built multithreading mechanism in NDN.If
yes,where can I get the information about it?
  Thank you!
                                                                 Lixia zhao

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