[Ndn-interest] How to verify an interest packet

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Oct 7 06:30:27 PDT 2016

Dear community,
I am having some problem in verifying an interest packet.
Specifically, the error is: Packet cannot pass any checkers.

A root authority signs the certificate of the sender of the interest

My file config is:
   id "p rule"
     type hierarchical
     sig-type rsa-sha256
   type file
   file-name /tmp/p/root.ndncert

So it is very simple.
The sender of the interest, signs the interest in this way:
Name producerId("/root/site2"); ///test/site2/user2
m_keyChain.signByIdentity(interest, producerId);

While the content producer verifies it so:
void onInterest(const InterestFilter& filter, const Interest& interest)
m_validator->validate(interest, bind(&Producer::sendData, this, _1),
this, _1, _2));

The interest sent has the key included in the name, I noticed:

Do you notice any error?

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