[Ndn-interest] nfd and iot?

Wentao Shang wentaoshang at gmail.com
Mon May 23 16:18:18 PDT 2016

Hi Gabriel,

We have already ported the current NFD code to Raspberry Pi and a few
OpenWRT-based router devices. We also have an on-going effort of a
clean-slate implementation of NDN over RIOT-OS, which targets more
constrained IoT devices. If you are interested in an overview of supporting
IoT using NDN, I recommend you read our latest paper "Named Data Networking
of Things":


The alternative technologies you mentioned are all based on the pub-sub
communication semantics while NDN's Interest-Data mechanism is
request-response.  The main advantages of NDN for IoT is in the use of
expressive data naming, inherent data authentication support (and optional
encryption-based access control), name-based forwarding, and in-network
caching.  None of the existing IoT solutions addresses all those issues
together with a single L3 protocol and architecture.

My understanding of MQTT is that it simply specifies the messaging
interface (wire format and send/receive operations), but does not prescribe
the implementation detail of the message brokers, which IMHO is the most
challenging part.

Kafka is designed for high-performance data center environments with heavy
dependency on ZooKeeper. I don't think it is suitable for supporting
communication between IoT devices, especially in constrained environments.

I'm not familiar with WSO2 MB. Sounds like yet another implementation of
MQTT/AMQP based message broker...


On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 6:39 PM, Gabriel Silva <gabesilva2004 at yahoo.com>

> Hello I am interested in using nfd for IoT. However, I am looking for some
> clarity on how it can be a differentiator from other technologies which
> route data like mqtt, kafka, wso2 mb etc. Thank you for any help.
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