[Ndn-interest] nfd and iot?

Mahmoudi, Charif (IntlAssoc) charif.mahmoudi at nist.gov
Mon May 23 06:06:53 PDT 2016

Hi Gabriel,

Usually, MQTT is used as a publish/subscribe for IoT where you need to address the host of your data. If you have multiple consumers asking for the same data. All of them will connect to the MQTT broker. With NDN, they will get that data from the first common router. Moreover, with NDN, the subscribers may ask for the content not for a specific sensor. For example, consider a use case where you have multiple sensors to enable failover. With NDN, you interest will be sent to the working sensor by the network. No need to implement this failover mechanism in the application layer.

To have an idea about how NDN can be a game changing in term of IoT. Feel free to take a look to our in-network IoT composition approach. https://github.com/usnistgov/NamedIoT

We have a poster describing that approach available at : https://github.com/usnistgov/NamedIoT/files/272882/ndn-poster.pptx

Dr. Charif Mahmoudi

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Hello I am interested in using nfd for IoT. However, I am looking for some clarity on how it can be a differentiator from other technologies which route data like mqtt, kafka, wso2 mb etc. Thank you for any help.
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