[Ndn-interest] [CFP] 1st IEEE Workshop on Named Data Networking for Challenged Communication Environments (NDN-CCE'2016)

Alex Afanasyev aa at CS.UCLA.EDU
Fri May 6 12:40:28 PDT 2016

1st IEEE Workshop on Named Data Networking for Challenged
Communication Environments (NDN-CCE'2016)

Washington, DC, December 8th 2016


Army tactical networks, first responder communication networks, and
interplanetary networks are several examples of challenging
communication environments that are typically referred to as DIL
(disrupted, intermittently connected, and low bandwidth).
Nevertheless, applications that operate in such environments generate
mission critical data that must be disseminated promptly and reliably,
despite the challenging nature of the communication environment.

Many years of research efforts have been invested into IP-based
communication networks to achieve the above goals, but only resulted
in limited success. The root cause of the difficulties is a
fundamental mismatch between the IP-based communication model and the
challenged environments. The former assumes communications through
established stable infrastructures. It requires the creation and
maintenance of end-to-end connectivity between senders and receivers,
while neither the infrastructure nor end-to-end connectivity exists in
the latter.  The key to solving the problem is to identify a new
communication model that makes effective use of the heterogeneous
network resources of challenged environments, removes dependency on
infrastructure components, and emphasizes data dissemination in lieu
end-to-end connectivity.

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) and Named Data Networking (NDN),
as the most prominent realization of the ICN vision, have emerged in
recent years as promising directions to address the above stated
challenges. By its name, this new networking model focuses on
information (named data) retrieval, instead of reachability between
nodes and locations. Therefore, it can circumvent the lack of
persistent connectivity in challenged environments by focusing on
moving data instead of end-to-end connectivity, utilizing any
connectivity, as it comes into existence, to move data hop-by-hop
towards requesting parties.

This workshop aims to provide a timely venue for all interested
parties to exchange their ideas and initial results in applying the
NDN paradigm to: address the communication needs of mission critical
applications in challenged environments, explore different design
options, and identify design tradeoffs. Topics of interest includes:

- NDN routing for challenged communication environments Supporting
- high assurance NDN applications in challenged communication
- environments Real deployment and case studies of NDN in challenged
- communication environments QoS-aware NDN functionalities for
- challenged communication environments Efficient and effective NDN
- caching policies for challenged communication environments Modeling,
- analysis and characterization of NDN functionalities in challenged
- communication network

Submission Deadline:     July 1, 2016, 11:59pm
Acceptance Notification: September 1, 2016
Camera-Ready Submission: October 1, 2016

  Tamer Refaei (The MITRE Corporation) and Alex Afanasyev (UCLA)
  NDN-CCE Workshop Co-Chairs

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