[Ndn-interest] (NDN-js) query localhost from browser?

Ashlesh Gawande (agawande) agawande at memphis.edu
Wed Jul 20 13:41:40 PDT 2016

I have tried that example and the browser does not get anything.

NFD logs show that the interest for /localhost/nfd/faces/list is dropped due to scope violation.

In https://github.com/named-data/ndn-js/blob/master/examples/browser/test-list-faces.html#L47

it says that a Unix socket is used to connect to the local forwarder, but nfd-status shows websocket.


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See the example test-list-faces:

- Jeff T

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Subject: [Ndn-interest] (NDN-js) query localhost from browser?

Hi all,

I am currently playing with NDN-js library, and I was wondering if it is possible to query the localhost (e.g.  ndn:/localhost/nfd/faces/list) .
I could do that with node using UnixSocket. Is it possible to do it from a browser (knowing that the browser uses WebSockets) ?

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