[Ndn-interest] CCNx source code release

Ignacio.Solis at parc.com Ignacio.Solis at parc.com
Thu Jan 14 03:06:59 PST 2016

Hi folks.

We are pleased to announce that PARC is releasing the CCNx source code under a BSD-like license [1].  We will be uploading the code to github over the next couple of weeks.  As soon as it is up we’ll send an update with more information and instructions.

Discussion about the software will happen on the ccnx mailing list [2].



[1] http://www.parc.com/news-release/111/parc-offers-content-centric-networking-ccnx-software-to-advance-next-generation-internet.html
[2] https://www.ccnx.org/<https://www.ccnx.org/mailman/listinfo/ccnx/>

Nacho (Ignacio) Solis
Protocol Architect
Principal Scientist
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Ignacio.Solis at parc.com
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