[Ndn-interest] go-ndn 1.3 is released today

Tai-Lin Chu tailinchu at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 16:09:42 PST 2016

This release comes with ndn-raft [1]. Raft is a protocol by which a cluster
of nodes can maintain a replicated state machine. The state machine is kept
in sync through the use of a replicated log. NDN enables Raft leader to
share its log content efficiently with its followers. ndn-raft is a
reference implementation for go-ndn REST-like service, and an real-world
example to show how to easily prepare data packet before interest [2]. For
a more detailed explanation on the failover process and election terms,
please see the full paper describing the protocol: In Search of an
Understandable Consensus Algorithm [3].


   - add mux.Publisher to publish data packets easily to content store with
   middleware. Now mux.Middleware is used by Fetcher, Router and Publisher.
   - reduce go GC pressure for longest-prefix match lookup
   - reduce number of runnable goroutines for event like PIT timeout

Backward-incompatible change:

   - There is a significant design change for mux.Notify and mux.Listener
   after these APIs are used in production (see ndn-raft for the most recent

[1]: https://github.com/go-ndn/raft

[2]: https://github.com/go-ndn/example/blob/master/before-interest.md

[3]: https://ramcloud.stanford.edu/raft.pdf
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