[Ndn-interest] Modifying NDN Data Structure

Mehdi Bahrami mbahrami at ucmerced.edu
Mon Feb 1 12:34:42 PST 2016

Hi all,
Is anyone has an idea about the following issue:
I'm working on ndn-cxx and I want to extend the data structure of Data, but after adding a field to the Data or MetaInfo, the examples/producer.cpp gives me memory access errors as follows:
Segmenttion fault (core dumped).

To add fields into the data structures as Alex confirmed the process, you need to perform 3 steps:

- add actual field that will hold your data into the data structure

- add invocation of proper decoding into Data::wireDecode method

- add invocation of proper encoding into Data::wireEncode templated method.   Note that encoding is performed in reverse order.  So, if you added your field at the end of data packet, you need to encode it first.

Still I have the same issue.

Mehdi Bahrami
Cloud Lab, EECS
University of California Merced
IEEE Senior Member

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