[Ndn-interest] Quick question on names and name structure

Jasper St. Pierre jasper at endlessm.com
Thu Dec 22 12:14:22 PST 2016

Hi all,

I'm part of a team looking at deploying NDN as a data distribution
technology for our other technologies. We're using the NDN naming
conventions established in NDN-0022:

This is a nice piece of initial standardization that allows us to talk
about segment/block numbers. However, its unfortunate that all parts of our
NDN-based stack have to "know" about these conventions. e.g. if we want to
receive segment 5 of version 3 of name /A/B/C, we could either have the
resulting name

While this is a simple case that seems to have an obvious "correct" answer,
in more complex scenarios, it is difficult to build generic code and
structures that can handle all of these cases, especially as we add more
and more components to these names.

While we could support both orders, this loses our ability to cache routes
in NFD.

It would be nicer if these more "parameters" to the name could be specified
in an unordered set, or if there was at least a canonical correct ordering
established in the tech report.

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