[Ndn-interest] Manually finalize an interest

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Wed Dec 21 10:23:10 PST 2016

Hi Junxiao, then:

> 1. Are you talking about a cache poisoning attack or an Interest flooding
> attack?
No attacks in particular, it was just a stupid example in order to  
explain if the operation of calling onInterestFinalize was possible  
locally in an NFD :)

> 2. How does the network know /very/malicious prefix is malicious?
Assumption, like above :) The example was very stupid just to explain  
better the feasibility of "remove an interest from the PIT without  
satisfy it with nack or data"

> 3. How does "every NFD in the world" (excluding attacker's NFD) get this
> alert?
If we focus on this example, just modifying the code of all the NFD  
inside an institution :)

Probably a better example helps better to express my question.
I am Jon and I know that Peter is my enemy. I don't want to receive  
anything from him. Jon offers services public in the world, but for  
his reason he doesn t want to perform this service to Peter. Jon  
desire to remove the Peter Interests as soon as possible without  
satisfy them neither with a data or nack. The PIT table has just space  
for 3 interests pending per time, then It is suitable do not occupy  
it. Jon could modify its NFD in order to do:
if the interest received is from Peter then
remove it by my PIT
Thanks a lot,
Matteo :)

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