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Hi Matteo

PublisherPublicKeyDigest has been replaced by PublisherPublicKeyLocator. The benefit is that routers do not need to compute the digest; the drawback is that the field is longer.

AnswerOriginKind belongs to CCNx 0.7.2 but never made to NDN packet format. Its primary purpose is to restrict only producer or only cache can answer an Interest, but we believe it can be used for DoS attacks. Its secondary purpose is to delete a Data packet from local ccnd CS; we plan to implement a management command for this, but there has never been a reasonable use case.

Yes, you can implement a CS policy to cache only certain prefixes. In afterInsert trigger of this policy, it should immediately evict any entries you do not want to cache by emitting beforeEvict signal.

Yours, Junxiao

From: Matteo Bertolino
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Good morning guys,
I have some questions about interest fields and the content store.  

1- In a paper I've seen that an Interest could take the following  
optional fields:
a) PublisherPublicKeyDigest (I just see PublisherPublicKeyLocator)
b) AnswerOriginKind.
But, grepping on ndn-cxx repo, I did not see that names. Does ndn-cxx  
provide the following fields?

2- Is it possible just caching some prefixes in the content store?

Thanks to everyone!

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