[Ndn-interest] Launching several instances of nlsr (quite solved)

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Dec 2 08:56:30 PST 2016

Dear all,
my problem was that client.conf must be under $HOME/.ndn and not only  
under $HOME. I was tricky from the example in the /usr/local/etc that  
put the client.conf.sample under the same level of the other nfd.conf  
and nlsr.conf.

I will also answer to the other messages, you were very kind however.
At the end I re-write the question of John since I am not sure that I  
could answer well to it.

> Ashlesh
> [...] You can create your own network namespaces, but why not use Mininet?
> If you want to anyway - I would suggest to see how exactly Mininet does it.
> Do these NLSR have the same log file, what does the neighbor section  
> look like?
I followed this advice making a little of reverse engineering, thanks a lot.

> Lan Why do you want to run multiple instances of NLSR on one node  
> without mini-NDN?
Actually because I would like to obtain the same effects of mini  
without using mini: they adviced me that in order to understand very  
well how the things works, and in my opinion it is a good suggestion.  
before this work, I never take care about nlsr.conf, nfd.conf etc.

The question of John is still open:
> Lan,
> Just out of curiosity, how does NLSR communicate with NFD?
> Does it use ?transport? from client.conf (via ndn-cxx library) to  
> find the nfd > socket like other NFD clients?
> John
In my opinion yes, but absolutely I am not sure. It has sense

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