[Ndn-interest] Launching several instances of nlsr

Matteo Bertolino Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr
Fri Dec 2 07:41:02 PST 2016

Dear Cesar,
thanks for the answer. Actually I did it, with linux namespaces.
I am convinced that nlsr is the problem, because I compared two FIB in  
this topology: node1, node2 both attached to nodeGW.

FIB of node1 in MINI: (just first line)
/ndn/NLSR/sync nexthops={faceid=257 (cost=0), faceid=260 (cost=10)}

FIB of node1 without MINI: (just first line)
/ndn/NLSR/sync nexthops={faceid=263 (cost=0), faceid=265 (cost=0),  
faceid=266 (cost=0), faceid=264 (cost=10), faceid=267 (cost=10),  
faceid=268 (cost=10)}

6 entries vs 2. Then the NLSR instances are actually "together"!

Quoting "César A. Bernardini" <mesarpe at gmail.com>:

> I don't remember the parameters of nslr . Maybe the thing you could try is
> to create tap devices in Linux and attach the app to this fake interfaces.
> I remember I did this three years ago.
> Bests,
> On Dec 2, 2016 15:40, "Matteo Bertolino" <Matteo.Bertolino at eurecom.fr>
> wrote:
>> Good morning, I need to perform a complicate question.
>> I would like to launch several NDN nodes in different processes (i.e. 3
>> processes) on the same machine. Exactly the same behaviour of mini-ndn, but
>> without.
>> Then, about the NFD I had no problem:
>> 1- Open three terminals.
>> 2- On each terminal, change the HOME environment variable.
>> 3- Put on the new home a new nfd.conf, changing the socket name (nfd.sock,
>> nfd1.sock, nfd2.sock), the port numbers, and repeat in the
>> client.config.sample.
>> 4- On each terminal, launch nfd --config ~/nfd.conf &
>> It works well. The problem arrives with NLSR.
>> In each HOME, I put a different version of nlsr.conf, where I changed the
>> names and the ip of the neighborhoods.
>> Then I run on each node nlsr -d -f  ~/nlsr.conf
>> And here I noticed a strange thing: all the output, nlsr related,
>> converges in one terminal. So I started to think that actually there are
>> not 3 separated nlsr instances despite the three different processes.
>> If I try to do nlsrc advertise /prefix , it tells me "success in
>> advertisement", but no FIBS are actually updated. This demonstrate that the
>> three instances are actually one.
>> But, however, mini obtains a perfect separation. I tried to replicate
>> exactly the same steps in nlsr.py, but I have no success. In your opinion,
>> what do I forgot ? Thanks
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