[Ndn-interest] Data not received from NDN traffic generator

Navdeep Uniyal Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu
Mon Apr 4 01:57:53 PDT 2016

Hi Junxiao,

I used digest signing to generate data packets using NDN traffic generator.Also, I have increased the InterestLifetime. Still I find all interests are not being satisfied.
I am using CS store size to be zero so that all interests can reach the end server. And onInterestLoop is happening as I am testing the forwarding with 4 types of interests using ndn traffic client and sometime same interest is generated back to back.

The issue remains the same as interests are not getting satisfied after certain time. Also, I found a few errors in the log file. I suspect the issue is due to the below errors but I have no clue about the error type:

1459757352.193370 ERROR: [EthernetTransport] [id=264,local=dev://sa-eth0,remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa]] pcap_next_ex failed: The interface went down
1459757352.213168 ERROR: [EthernetTransport] [id=263,local=dev://sa-eth1,remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa]] pcap_next_ex failed: The interface went down
1459757352.229184 ERROR: [EthernetTransport] [id=262,local=dev://sa-eth2,remote=ether://[01:00:5e:00:17:aa]] pcap_next_ex failed: The interface went down

Attached is the recent log file. Please advise.

Navdeep Uniyal

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Hi Navdeep

I'm looking at the last few lines of the log file.
It appears that there's some loop going on in the network. It's particularly strange that face 262 receives an Interest with duplicate Nonce within 0.2ms of sending it.
InterestLifetime is set to 200ms, but the producer spends 500ms to generate Data. A longer InterestLifetime is needed; the consumer needs to send Interests at a slower rate; the producer needs to generate Data faster (eg. set digest signing instead of RSA).
Also, you mentioned there are 2500 Interests, but I only see a small number of distinct names.

1459335670.181340 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingInterest face=258 interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.181630 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onContentStoreMiss interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.181672 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onOutgoingInterest face=262 interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.181898 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingInterest face=262 interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.182178 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestLoop face=262 interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.201832 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestUnsatisfied interest=/ndn/nle/file5
1459335670.201911 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file5 unsatisfied
1459335670.231633 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingInterest face=259 interest=/ndn/nle/file5
1459335670.231972 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onContentStoreMiss interest=/ndn/nle/file5
1459335670.232011 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onOutgoingInterest face=263 interest=/ndn/nle/file5
1459335670.271813 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestUnsatisfied interest=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335670.271889 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file1 unsatisfied
1459335670.281172 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingInterest face=259 interest=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335670.281512 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onContentStoreMiss interest=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335670.281551 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onOutgoingInterest face=263 interest=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335670.381690 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingInterest face=259 interest=/ndn/nle/file7
1459335670.382148 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onContentStoreMiss interest=/ndn/nle/file7
1459335670.382193 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onOutgoingData face=259 data=/ndn/nle/file7
1459335670.382362 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestUnsatisfied interest=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335670.382447 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file3 unsatisfied
1459335670.432216 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestUnsatisfied interest=/ndn/nle/file5
1459335670.432315 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file5 unsatisfied
1459335670.481765 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestUnsatisfied interest=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335670.481840 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file1 unsatisfied
1459335670.482383 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onInterestFinalize interest=/ndn/nle/file7 satisfied
1459335685.781128 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingData face=263 data=/ndn/nle/file3
1459335685.781423 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onDataUnsolicited face=263 data=/ndn/nle/file3 cached
1459335685.782137 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onIncomingData face=263 data=/ndn/nle/file1
1459335685.782378 DEBUG: [Forwarder] onDataUnsolicited face=263 data=/ndn/nle/file1 cached

Yours, Junxiao

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 5:42 AM, Navdeep Uniyal <Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu<mailto:Navdeep.Uniyal at neclab.eu>> wrote:
Hi All,

I am facing an issue. In my setup I am using a simple topology with one client, one server and with 3 different paths having one intermediate host on each path. All the generated interests are not getting satisfied while using best-route strategy. As per logs I can see, after satisfying a few interests, the server(NDN traffic generator) is not responding to the further requests and only the ones at CS store are getting satisfied. I am unable to find the reason for such a behavior. Although the number of interests generated are 2500 and there is no limit on max number of interests the traffic generator can satisfy ( although I also tried with max limit of 20000 interests). Attached are the NFD logs for the server generating data. Please, if someone can help in this regard.

Navdeep Uniyal
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