[Ndn-interest] Configuration of Content Store

Matti Lorenzen matti.lorenzen at tum.de
Tue Sep 8 01:26:42 PDT 2015

During the last days I have evaluated transmission times between NDN nodes and noticed that the files are only cached in the Content Store for a very short amount of time (10 seconds approx.). I ran this with ccn-cxx 0.3.4 and the corresponding NFD.
Is this normal? In nfd.conf, the default size for the CS is 65536 packets, so I was surprised by such a short lifetime.

I saw that you recently discussed about CS configuration (http://redmine.named-data.net/issues/3148) and am wondering whether the lifetime can already be changed at the current version. If not, where in the cxx-code is it defined so I can make alterations? 

Best regards and thank you in advance,
also sorry for bothering everybody again, 

Matti Lorenzen


Matti Lorenzen
IAESTE LC München - Outgoing
IAESTE Central European Region - Trainings Coordinator

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