[Ndn-interest] ICN @ ITEC

Daniel Posch poschdaniel2 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 08:33:56 PDT 2015

Dear ICN community members,

we are pleased to announce that our website *Information-Centric 
Networking @ ITEC* is online!
You can reach the website via the following URL: http://icn.itec.aau.at/

The website is still work in progress, however, we would be happy if you 
still decide to come over for a visit!

*A highlight is already online:* A framework for deploying your own 
NDN-based testbed on Banana Pi Routers. This framework is brand-new and 
has not been published before (the paper is still in the writing 
process)! Just check it out, deploy your own Banana Pi testbed with 
extremely low effort and perform emulations as simple as simulations 
with ndnSIM. The testbed tools are already under heavy use here at ITEC, 
as we are performing emulations non-stop since more than 35 days! Seems 
to be stable... :)

Stay tuned and keep a look @ icn.itec.aau.at!

Best Regards,
Daniel on behalf of the ICN people at ITEC
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