[Ndn-interest] Fwd: NDN talk 10/5

Christos Papadopoulos christos at cs.colostate.edu
Fri Oct 2 11:31:15 PDT 2015


A potentially interesting panel at I2 that will be webcast live.
10/05/15 10:20AM-11:10AM local time.



Session Abstract

Named Data Networking was one of the projects in the visionary Future 
Internet Architectures (FIA) program at NSF. After nearly a decade of 
NSF-funded and community-driven research, the technology is approaching 
maturity, and there exists at least one global-scale testbed. This 
session consists of a panel that brings together the three major 
branches of development of this technology, including the integrative 
efforts of Internet2 member Cisco. Dr. Darleen Fisher, NSF Program 
Director for FIA, will moderate the panel.

Speaker Ralph Droms Cisco Systems

Speaker Anita Nikolich NSF (National Science Foundation)

Speaker Patrick Crowley Washington University in Saint Louis

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