[Ndn-interest] [nfd user guide] Tutorial needed

AnChe Kuo schwannden at gmail.com
Thu May 14 00:02:37 PDT 2015

Dear all
is there any detailed example on showing how nun utilities like
nfd-autoreg, ndn-tlv-peek, nun-tlv-poke can be used?
I have nfd running on host A and host B.
On host A, I give the command
bfdc register app tcp://IPofB
On host B, I give command nfd-autoreg --prefix app

Then should I be able to give
ndn-tlv-peek app
on host A? What is the correct response if my set up is correct? How do I
know if my interest correctly arrives and B, and B gives a correct response
without using wireshark?

Also, what is the difference of ndn-tlv-poke and nfd-autoreg?
Thank you :)

Best Wishes,
Kuo, AnChe(Schwannden)
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