[Ndn-interest] Producer not receiving Interest, when starts a new thread.

Anil Jangam anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Wed May 13 12:46:28 PDT 2015

In the producer example code (see below link), I have added a new thread to
process some other input device.

So, I am doing the following just before calling m_face.processEvents()

    m_stopDataTracker = true;
    m_dataThread = boost::thread(&Producer::trackData, this);

Now, my situation is that this producer application is not able to receive
any incoming Interests for some reason. I have done the following checks so

   - m_face.setInterestFilter("/",...),I am registering for "/" just to
   ensureproducer receives ALL the traffic.
   - I have registered (into NFD) the name prefix in the remote node (where
   consumer is running) pointing to the host where producer is running.
   - I have also tested this setup using stand-alone producer and consumer
   apps, ensuring that NFD configuration is fine.

I am curious to know if this addition of application (producer) thread is
causing anything here. I can see the Interest reaching on 'ndndump', but
looks like it is not being picked up by NFD and hence not reaching the

Is there any problem in my setup or this thread design?

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