[Ndn-interest] Parameter, argument passing in Interest name

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Well, yes. I agree with you about the latency part although I don't know how much(I have no measure) latency it would cause, and whether it would be bothering or not. I have no answer for that.
I think there should be some conventions in applications. As an example in application A some specific interests mean that the interest sender wants to pass a parameter or anything. So receiver knows this and sends a pre-defined interest after sending a pre-defined data responding to the previous interest.
As far as I understand, this is one of the implications of being consumer driven. At least in this very architecture(NDN). Every flow should start with an interest. You cannot send a data packet with already no interest asked for it. Because there would be no breadcrumbs. There would be no pit entry. Therefore there would be no forwarding. 


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Sabet, I believe, this involves a high latency. I presume there is an
assumption that receiver would send another interest. Why would it do so?
What if it does not send that Interest?


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>  Hi Anil,
> The only way that I'm aware of, is kind of tricky. The parameter
> sender(active producer?) sends an interest to a receiver(passive consumer).
> The receiver responds to the interest and sends another interest. Finally
> the sender pass parameter in a data packet in response to the latter.
> Thanks,
> Sabet
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> Hi,
> I am trying to understand how I can pass a parameter using Interest message
> as a carrier. I want to exchange an application specific data between
> producer and consumer.
> I believe some mechanism exist to pass argument in strategy URL using
> '?id=1254' convention. Does something similar possible within Interest
> name?
> /anil.

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