[Ndn-interest] NDN architecture in wireless sensor networks?

Muhammad Hosain Abdollahi Sabet M.AbdollahiSabet at mail.sbu.ac.ir
Tue Mar 3 07:33:30 PST 2015

Considering the fact that caching is an architectural attribute in NDN and again considering NDN trust model features, like cryptographic policies in command interest(public key-private key), is it ok for NDN to work in WSN scenarios? The need for designing a forwarding strategy seems clear. But having in mind that we have serious challenges for energy management in wireless sensors, couldn't we just ignore CS and PIT table for some applications, and have a simpler NFD?
I've already seen the paper about securing the campus BMS on the website. It has said:

"Our initial deployment collects sensing data from existing industry-standard sensors and
gateways that employ legacy BMS protocols. Consequently, our design includes gateway devices that read data (through an internal IP network) from sensor devices running legacy
BMS protocols and publish the resulting data in an NDN network."

Well, I don't mean like that. I want to read data from sensors which running NDN protocols.

I will be glad to read your ideas.

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