[Ndn-interest] Data Accessibility in VM Live Migration over NDN

Dejiang Zhou dejiang_zhou at 163.com
Sat Feb 28 02:12:04 PST 2015

Hi everyone,
        I have been studying VM live migration over NDN for mouths and taking some experiments in NDN testbed.
        VM is migrated from China to America with source host connecting NDN testbed node of Tongji and destination host in America connecting UMICH testbed node. Data in VM can be accessed by other host at the beginning. Name of Data can be “/ndn/cn/edu/tongji/vm/ping”. However, this Data cannot be accessed after migration because the name of Data is not registered to FIB of other host. Other host is able to access the Data before migration because Interest can be forwarded to Tongji University by name prefix “/ndn/cn/edu/tongji”. In contrast, Interest with name “/ndn/cn/edu/tongji/vm/ping” cannot be forwarded to VM after migration because VM is behind UMICH testbed node but name prefix of the requested Data is not "/ndn/edu/umich".
        Does anyone have an idea for solving the problem? I think the rule of the solution is that name of Data in VM should not be changed after migration.
Best regards,
Dejiang Zhou
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