[Ndn-interest] ChronoChat and its default RIB entries

Anil Jangam anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 13:22:12 PST 2015


When I start the ChronoChat client, it creates certain default entries into
the RIB as follows.

/ndn/broadcast/chronochat/chatroom-list route={faceid=294 (origin=0 cost=0
/ndn/broadcast/ChronoChat/chatroom-e8745dec route={faceid=294 (origin=0
cost=0 ChildInherit)}
route={faceid=294 (origin=0 cost=0 ChildInherit)}

I checked the faceId 294, and it is a non udp/tcp type of face.

faceid=294 remote=fd://23 local=unix:///run/nfd.sock counters={in={70i 6d
16223B} out={0i 6d 5145B}} local on-demand point-to-point

In what way I can program the ChronoChat client to use the specific face?
may be through some configuration file or so?

I have configured a face which points to the remote user in the Chat. I
guess this local client should be using this interface (257) instead of
294, correct?

faceid=257 remote=udp4:// local=udp4:// counters={in={0i 0d 0B} out={0i 0d 0B}} non-local
persistent point-to-point

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