[Ndn-interest] lurch 0.1.0 for ndn and related tools

MUSCARIELLO Luca IMT/OLN luca.muscariello at orange.com
Thu Feb 5 02:06:36 PST 2015

Dear all,

We are please to announce the first release of some tools that might be 
useful to
people doing experimental research with NDN.
We have successfully used this tool to run large NDN experiments in a 
large grid
(www.grid5000.fr) but this is also useful to test smaller experiments in 
a local
cluster of servers.

The release and related documentation can be found on the following website:

Lurch is an NDN experimental test orchestrator including
- virtual IP topology configuration  and management;
- NDN network configuration and management;
- workload configuration and management;
- test log retrieval.

Lurch is available in two versions:
1)  for unmodified NFD and ndn-cxx packages version 0.2.0, requiring  
the installation of
"ndn-virtual-repo" and "ndn-icp-download" as additional packages.

2)  lurch-custom-0.1.0 works with a modified version of  NFD and ndn-cxx 
NDN-0.2.0-custom, available here 
and provides:
         - LRU cache replacement policy;
         - interest control rate at the client based on optimized 
multipath and adaptive
           remote AQM as described in [1]
         - congestion aware forwarding strategy as described in [1]

- The virtual repo is inspired by the delphi implementation for CCNx 
0.x.x  by WashU
and is available here: http://systemx.enst.fr/archives/ndn-virtual-repo.tgz

- The Interest control protocol is an implementation for NDN of the 
protocol described in [1]
and is available here: http://systemx.enst.fr/archives/ndn-icp-download.tgz

Luca Muscariello
Massimo Gallo

[1] Carofiglio, et al. "Optimal multipath congestion control and request 
forwarding in Information-Centric Networks," IEEE ICNP 2013 

Orange Labs Networks
Luca Muscariello - IMT/NMP/TRM
38 - 40, rue du General Leclerc
92794 Issy Les Moulineaux Cedex 9 - France
Tel : +33 (0)1 45 29 60 37

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