[Ndn-interest] reaching NDN testbed from behind a firewall

Murray, Craig cmurray at verisign.com
Wed Dec 16 15:09:32 PST 2015

Hi all,

I am trying to use NdnCom to connect with others on the testbed, but I am behind a firewall and port 6363 is not open.  I thought I might be able to tunnel using ssh, but this does not work (below is more detail on what I tried).  Does anyone have experience and/or suggestions that would help me?  My guess is this is obvious to someone who knows more than I.  My apologies if so.

Thanks in advance for any help,

I have three machines running NFD inside the firewall.
First I tested that ndnping works between machines inside:
On machine B I do the following:
ndnpingserver /ndn/internal/B
On machine A I do the following:
nfdc register /ndn/internal udp://<address.of.B>
ndnping /ndn/internal/B
Of course this works.  Next I remove entries from NFD tables
On machine A I do the following:
nfdc unregister /ndn/internal <face-id-of-B>
Next I ssh from machine A to machine B, forwarding a port
On machine A I do the following:
ssh <address.of.B> -L 4000:localhost:6363
nfdc register /ndn/internal udp://localhost:4000
ndnping /ndn/internal/B
This does not work.  Packets time out.

I have also tried the following:
On machine C I do:
nfdc register /ndn/internal udp://<address.of.B>
ndnping /ndn/internal/B
This works so then I try tunneling form A to C:
First I end the ssh running between A and B.
Then on machine A:
ssh <address.of.C> -L 5000:<address.of.B>:6363
nfdc unregister /ndn/internal <face-id-of-localhost:4000>
nfdc register /ndn/internal udp://localhost:5000
ndnping /ndn/internal/B
Of course, this does not work either.  I have not tried the same thing with ssh from a machine inside the firewall to a machine outside the firewall (also running NFD) but if it does not work without a firewall in between machines, it certainly won’t work with the firewall added.  Thanks for any help.

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