[Ndn-interest] Producer taking initiative to "Push" content to network.

Syed Hassan Ahmed s.h.ahmed at ieee.org
Fri Dec 4 23:12:42 PST 2015

Dear Faran,

Experts may response in this regards, however, here is my answer:

In Vehicular NDN research, mostly authors assume that content routers are
installed in each vehicle, especially, when we say that no infrastructure
support is there such as RSU. So my point is that almost every node/vehicle
is performing as a content router + provider + consumer role at different
instances under the given circumstances.

Now, if we talk about "Push" based communications, then we might have a
look at Pub/Sub mechanisms. If the vehicles in any area are subscribed to
the specific type of data, then they don't need to send interest(s) every
time. On the other hands, the producers start "pushing" the data into the
network. However, in naive NDN, this approach may have its own
consequences. Because, when you push, then it will cost extra cost in terms
of overhead and additional copies of the packets and there might be a case,
that all the neighboring nodes do not want to have that video content so
why they pay the cost of channel utilization for receiving the data, they
don't want or have any interest.

I am not sure, that did I give you the required answer.
Good Luck~~

Kind Regards,
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On Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Muhammad Faran <m.faran.majeed at gmail.com>

> Hi!
> So far, I have been viewing NDN architecture working as pull-based
> mechanism. Is there any possibility to incorporate "Push" mechanism in it?
> Because for some environments, (vehicular/MANET), pull-based mechanism may
> not work properly.
> Scenario: In a highly dynamic environment, the producer moving quickly
> among content routers, capturing and publishing video. So, producer can not
> wait for an interest and want to push the video content in-network before
> its local storage is full.
> Kind regards,
> Faran,
> AIT, Thailand
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