[Ndn-interest] go-ndn 1.2

Tai-Lin Chu tailinchu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:50:07 PST 2015

This release is not possible without some individual contributors.

Major Feature:

- experimental "send/push" semantics: A data sender sends interests
with name "<nodeName>/ACK/<dataName>" to ensure that a specific node
receives a specific data packet. This is implemented with
`mux.Notifier` and `mux.Listener`. Feel free to share how you achieve
send or push in NDN.

- go-ndn/health: instrument your ndn application easily. It stores
per-minute stats like interest request count and response time on
disk, and presents on a nice web interface. All web interface assets
are directly compiled into application and are available offline. (See


- Generate Data Before Interest: Discuss two common design patterns to
publish data "before" interests, and show how "self-generated/fake
interests" can achieve this.


- Oli Gavin
- qhsong
- Mahyuddin Husairi

More details: https://github.com/go-ndn/example#news

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