[Ndn-interest] Package Fragmentation in NDN

Matti Lorenzen matti.lorenzen at tum.de
Wed Aug 26 18:01:48 PDT 2015

Dear all, 

I have a question regarding the payload of Data packets. 
I used ndnpeek and ndnpoke in order to submit an interest for a file and successfully received a data packet in return. However, this data packets were only returned to me if the file contained was very small (1,5kB).  Is there any way to send larger files through another tool? By my understanding, peek and poke are used only for exactly one packet and are hence limited regarding data transfer. 

I know that data is segmented and all segments of a file would be aligned underneath the file in the naming hierarchy. However, the size of these segments is not so small that they would fit in a Data packet, right? Otherwise large files would have a very high amount of segments.

Thank you in advance, 
best regards,
Matti Lorenzen
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