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Hi Ray

No, NFD does not allow distinct “remote endpoint” among Ethernet multicast faces.

The rationale of using the same “remote endpoint” for all Ethernet multicast faces is: this address is a well-known address, so that every node can join the same multicast group.
It’s expected that all nodes are configured to use the same Ethernet multicast address, known as ALL-NDN-SYSTEMS. In the long term, this multicast address would be registered with IANA, and then become hard-coded.
Having a single ALL-NDN-SYSTEMS multicast address allows a network to work out-of-box without requiring an administrator to manually configure a distinct multicast address for each link, and without any negotiation or discovery.
If all nodes on a link are NDN nodes, this multicast group is effectively broadcast. We use the ALL-NDN-SYSTEMS multicast group so that NDN nodes can co-exist with non-NDN nodes, and non-NDN nodes don’t have to receive NDN traffic.
The discussion above is also applicable to UDP multicast faces.

NFD does not require “remote endpoint” of faces to be distinct.
>From an application, you may use FaceId to identify individual faces; to search for a face, run Face query operation with both “remote endpoint” and “local endpoint” conditions.

Yours, Junxiao

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1) If I have a machine with multiple NICs, NFD will list them as separate faces (since they have different local endpoints). However, they will have the same remote endpoint, i.e the ethernet multicast address listed in nfd.conf. Is there anyway to make sure each Ethernet face has it's own distinct multicast address?
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