[Ndn-interest] Multiple Ethernet faces

Brandenburg, R. (Ray) van ray.vanbrandenburg at tno.nl
Wed Aug 19 11:12:18 PDT 2015


I've been playing around with NDN Ethernet support and bumped into two issues. 

1) If I have a machine with multiple NICs, NFD will list them as separate faces (since they have different local endpoints). However, they will have the same remote endpoint, i.e the ethernet multicast address listed in nfd.conf. Is there anyway to make sure each Ethernet face has it's own distinct multicast address?

2) I'd like to run NLSR directly over Ethernet. Since the conf file only allows me to specify face-uri per neighbor (instead of face-id), and doesn't support 'dev://ethX' scheme, I thought to use the 'ether://' scheme to specify the face I'd like to use for a particular neighbor. However, when I do that, NLSR tries to create that face, which fails since NFD doesn't allow one to create Ethernet faces. The same problem occurs irrespective of whether I use the ethernet multicast address as listed in NFD or the actual hardware ethernet address. I was expecting NLSR to only try to create a face if it doesn't already exist. Is this intended behavior, or am I doing something wrong? Is there any other way of using NLSR over Ethernet?


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