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This online example may be of interest  -

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Date: Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 2:22 PM
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Subject: [Ndn-app] Announcing ChronoChat-js v0.3, updated to use ChronoSync2013

Hello all,

ChronoChat-js is a JavaScript chat application for the browser, built on NDN-JS and using the ChronoSync protocol.

The original ChronoChat-js code was generalized to create the ChronoSync2013 class, and ported to all the CCL libraries in C++, Python, Java and JavaScript. Its API and a description of the protocol are documented here:

Now to come full circle, ChronoChat-js version v0.3 has been updated to use the ChronoSync2013 class in NDN-JS. It can register with a remote NFD if NFD is configured to allow localhop. There is an online demo which uses NFD on memoria.ndn.ucla.edu. You can open two browser windows, choose two user names and give chat a try:

Thank you,
- Jeff T
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