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Hi again,

Again about the 1st question I guess retrieving content(s) by its publisher could be some kind of a function. I'm not so familiar with details of NFN but I think that can be achieved, let alone whether such a function was not predicted in the architecture. Am I right, Christian? 


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With regard to question 1 I think yes. Retrieving content by publisher name/id is a kind of filter anticipated in the packet format. At least I haven't seen the latter interpretation yet, and haven't considered it. But I don't think there would be an architectural prevention for applications to answer an interest in which no specific content is defined, but a publisher id is given. Of course there may be some privacy considerations, but that is application developers' decision on what violates privacy and how to protect that.

Unfortunately I have nothing to say about the 2nd question and the 3rd.


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Hello everyone,
I'm a newcomer to NDN and having read some basic papers, I've come to have some question mostly in the security realm:

1. It is indicated(Jacobson, et al. 2009) that retrieving a content by its publisher is possible as well as by its name. Is it some sort of security mechanism in case of retrieving data which is corrupted by someone, or some alternative for retrieving by name? If latter, is there any vision how Interest/Data is going to be like in that case? I mean it is clear how NDN works by using contents' names. Routing protocols (eg, NLSR) use names. There is also a naming convention for contents as well. But how about publishers? 

2. On evidence-based security. Is it something like reputation based trust mechanisms in Bittorrent protocol? If so, how are consumers supposed know of a content's reputation or a publisher's trustworthiness? Actually I'm not sure if I perceived meaning of _secure_ link correctly. Could you elaborate on these a little bit, please?

3. Do we have a definition for the notion of _Identity framework_? As a matter of fact, I don't understand when some one(Van) says privacy and trust frameworks are semantically derived form identity model. What are the specifications, or expectations maybe, that the community has about identity framework?

I will be very thankful If you could have a saying.
Fatemeh Goudarzi?

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