[Ndn-interest] Introducing icn-names.net - a collection of ICN name sets

Urs Schnurrenberger urs.schnurrenberger at unibas.ch
Thu Apr 16 06:13:30 PDT 2015

Dear all,

we are happy to announce "The Content Name Collection" which hosts open content-name datasets in various formats*) and sizes. Have a look at


and feel free to use and manipulate the datasets for your research!

We also appreciate any kind of feedback and suggestions for improvement.

If you have created your own new dataset, do not hesitate to contact us

- we will try to host your dataset, too. Finally, if you created some statistics about existing datasets (e.g.

average #components/name), please share your insights and we will add them to the website.

Kind regards,

Urs Schnurrenberger & the UofBasel Team

*) We host datasets with real URLs (e.g.

http://informatik.unibas.ch/research/) as well as the same sets with rearranged name components that better suit ICN research (as in /http/ch/unibas/informatik/research).
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