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Good Morning.
Dear Professor Lan WANG

I am a Tunisian PhD student from the RAMSIS team within the CRISTAL lab at ENSI(National School of Computer Sciences, Tunisia)
I  work on Named Data Networking(NDN),
I have many questions and I would be very grateful if you could answer them:

Thank you for your interest.  You can also send your questions to ndn-interest at lists.cs.ucla.edu<mailto:ndn-interest at lists.cs.ucla.edu> (but you need to join the mailing list first).  See http://named-data.net/codebase/platform/support/mailing-lists/

- How to find the FIB table values in the first iteration?

I'm not sure if I understand your question.  Could you explain a bit?

- What are the advantages of the use the routing protocol within NDN?

You don't need to manually configure the FIB, if the routing protocol is available.

- what is the difference between routing and forwarding in NDN?

Routing builds the FIB.  The forwarding plane uses the next hops from the FIB for forwarding.  The forwarding plane may also use its own measurement to rank the next hops.  You can read this paper: http://www.cs.memphis.edu/~lanwang/paper/Cheng14-routing.pdf to better understand their relationship.


I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,

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